Adirondack Park, NY: Snow Mountain

Opt for this lesser-hiked Adirondack summit southeast of Lake Placid and you'll be rewarded with expansive High Peaks views and a bit of easy rock scrambling.

When the neighboring Noonmark Mountain is teeming with hikers, head north to the trailhead just south of Keene Valley (on the west side of NY 73) to tackle the moderate climb up to Snow Mountain. Begin hiking west through a swampy bit of trail protected by planks before the grade steepens (roughly 1,200 feet of elevation gain) up the Flume Creek drainage on the Sachs Trail.
Less than 2 miles in, turn left for the 1.1-mile out-and-back to the rock outcropping summit of Snow Mountain. After passing the bailout trail down to St. Huberts, you'll tackle some easy rock scrambling en route to Snow Mountain's summit. Trek past the true summit for the overlook payoff where you'll spot the neighboring Rooster Comb to the west as well as Noonmark and Round Mountains to the southeast. Soak in the views before backtracking to the trailhead.
-Mapped by Berne Broudy,

Trail Facts

  • Distance: 7.4



Location: 44.185411, -73.786981

Parking lot and trailhead: Begin hiking west over a swampy area on a plank-covered trail.


Location: 44.1858912, -73.788946

At the trail junction with the local school route, bear left, passing a bench and a small pond.


Location: 44.1828541, -73.7942272

Go left @ 3-way junction with the route up to Rooster Comb, continuing on the Sachs Trail up towards Snow Mountain. From here the trail continues climbing with intermittent steep stretches up rock steps.


Location: 44.1720791, -73.8018399

Snow Mountain/St. Huberts Junction: At 3-way junction, turn left to head up toward Snow Mountain. The climb up towards Snow starts at a gradual grade.


Location: 44.1686246, -73.7984498

At the intersection of another trail leading to St. Huberts and Keene Valley, continue left heading up to Snow Mountain. From here the climb gets somewhat steep and there is some mild scrambling.


Location: 44.1681932, -73.7950508

At the true summit of Snow Mountain, continue hiking another 200 feet or so to the overlook payoff of the climb.


Location: 44.1677974, -73.7944264

Just past the true summit of Snow Mountain you'll pass an outcropping overlook that offers more expansive Adirondack Preserve vistas. Look west to the neighboring Rooster Comb, east down to the berg of St. Huberts, and southeast out to Noonmark Mountain and Round Mountain.

From here, backtrack to Waypoint 4 and turn right to descend the Flume Brook drainage on Sachs Trail back to Waypoint 3 (and then another 0.6 mile to the trailhead).

Views toward Rooster Comb

Location: 44.1679146, -73.7945384

© Berne Broudy,

Heading out

Location: 44.1854796, -73.7870161

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Trailside bench

Location: 44.1858969, -73.7888575

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Into the woods

Location: 44.18572, -73.7891901

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Snow Mountain Trail Junction

Location: 44.1828541, -73.7942138

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Returning to Keene Valley

Location: 44.1738939, -73.7954021

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Snow/St. Hubberts Junction

Location: 44.1718393, -73.8016838

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Mileage Sign

Location: 44.1685379, -73.7984061

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Climbing up Snow Mountain

Location: 44.1689766, -73.7964427

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Up up up

Location: 44.1687149, -73.7956971

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True Summit

Location: 44.1681685, -73.7950426

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View from Snow Mountain

Location: 44.1679454, -73.7945169

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