Two Mt. Washington Rescues, One Day

One group may face charges for rescue
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Mt._Washington_NH summit sign

Officials responded to two calls for help at Mt. Washington recently. The separate calls both happened on June 2 at around the same time. In the first incident, a trio of Rhode Island and Massachusetts hikers summited the mountain but called for help when they discovered the cog railroad running to the base of the mountain was not in operation. They reported being too fatigued to descend. Rescuers led them to a nearby lodge to recuperate. In the second incident, a group of eight hikers from Connecticut became lost and called for help. They continued to descend and met another group of hikers who led them to the base. However, nobody notified rescuers they had received help, and a search was launched involving AMC, conservation officers, and Forest Service rangers. The second group may face charges for the cost of the rescue.