From through-hiking thousands of miles along the PCT, to driving to every national park, to weekend trips with the family, everybody has a different way of interacting with nature. The term ‘camping’ seems to be interpreted as broadly as there is diversity in wilderness across our giant country.

This week, which marks week five of this hundred day outdoor adventure, I explore Washington and the roads that run laterally across our most northwestern state. Camping is easy in Washington as the amount of winding forest service roads and BLM land is abundant, generally secluded and always gorgeous.

100days outdoors - week 5 - sunset

Washington is known by many for the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula, being home to one of our country’s only rain forests thanks to the extremely damp climate--but the Peninsula makes up only a fraction of the large, lush state. Yet the majority of visitors don’t seem to explore much beyond the thumb shaped extension of land almost completely surrounded by water, leaving the rest of the state open and largely untouched.

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Whether it be by means of tent, car or tent on car, Washington is a treasure chest of hidden campsites, the greenest forests, open roads and incredible views. Just remember to bring a raincoat! 

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