I know, I know… last week I threw myself of tall rocks into icy water, and now I’m getting back in for some white water? At least this time I was wearing a wetsuit. Plus, when your friends offer to take you out on the river and you’ve never really been rafting, all of a sudden the idea of getting back into that cold water doesn’t sound so bad. And mix in a little adrenaline with and rapidly beating heart, I barely noticed the chill.    

100 days outdoors week 4 - montana summer - aidan in a raft

Pre-whitewater selfies are definitely not flattering. Though, probably slightly more so than post-whitewater selfies! But when you’re having this much fun, who cares?

100 days outdoors - week 4 - montana - rock rappel

Montana is an adrenaline junkie's heaven, plain and simple. I haven’t found many places where in a single day you can find yourself paddling against an icy current and then be hanging from a rope, scaling warm granite faces within a the same hour—only to be passed up on a trail by a group who’ve done the same, plus a morning bike ride, and on their way to cap it off with an evening of trail running.

100 days outdoors week 4 - aidan in the hammok


Sprinkle in waking up with the rising sun and falling asleep to the sound of a soft breeze through the pine trees by which you have your hammock slung, and who wouldn’t want to leave a place like this?

But the west is a big, and there’s a lot out there I have yet to explore. From snowboarding “The Great One” to jumping in the frigid waters of “Lave Lake” to a healthy dose of white water and climbing induced adrenaline, my time in Montana comes to a close and I set my sights toward Washington.

The adventure continues.

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