Survival: Need Fire But Have...No Tinder

When the ground is drenched, look in your pack for dry, flammable fuel.

Burn This…

› Alcohol-based hand sanitizer A grape-size dab will burn almost invisibly for 90 seconds.

› White gas Though it evaporates in the open air, it does so slowly.

› Cooking oil Unrefined oils work best.

› DEET bug sprays Burning OFF! might create some unhealthy fumes, but it’s worth it if you need a fire.

› Gauze bandages Or paper products like TP, tissue, trash, or playing cards

› Steel wool It lights even when wet.

› Fabric Apply the above fire accelerants to cotton or wool garments, or silnylon. Torn strips of cotton ignite easily and blaze brightly. Tighter weaves burn longer, so shirts and underwear work better than socks.

Don’t Burn…

› Butane from an opened lighter When exposed to air, it evaporates quickly.

› Polyester Synthetics light slowly and melt into a fire-killing plastic residue.