Man Discovers Pet Dogs Are Actually Bears

After two years, something just didn’t seem right about his pups. Turns out the dogs are actually bears. Seriously.

Two years ago, Wang Kayui, of Yunnan, China, adopted two black bears, except he thought they were puppies. His new pets were frequently groomed and well trained.

Kayui, clearly an inexperienced pet owner, thought it was odd when the puppies started to hunt chickens and reached more than 100 pounds, but didn’t think much of it. He wanted two guard dogs, and his pups scared off unwanted visitors like he’d never seen before.

You would think that the lack of tail-chasing, barking, and leash-walking should have given away the animals’ true identity, but it wasn’t until he received a pamphlet on endangered animals that he realized that his puppies were actually Asian black bears.

Kayui was shocked that his well-behaved, slightly large guard dogs were bears. He did the right thing and called the local authorities. The bears were sent to Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center, where they currently reside.

Go scouting in bear country to catch a glimpse of one yourself- just be careful, petting them might result in the loss of a hand.

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