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How To Splint A Bum Knee

Pretend Your Leg Is A Jelly Roll.

For a knee that's painful but can still withstand a little weight, a walking splint is your ticket for limping back to the trailhead. The wounded joint should be slightly flexed and securely wrapped so it doesn't move. Here's how:

  1. Place a soft but firm object such as a rolled-up T-shirt behind the knee to keep the joint slightly flexed.
  2. Roll a folded sleeping pad almost all the way around the leg, making sure the kneecap is exposed.
  3. Tie securely in place, again making make sure the kneecap is free of any pressure.
  4. Use a stick or trekking pole for stability when walking.

HINT: If you have an inflatable sleeping pad, deflate it, wrap it around the leg, tie it in place, then inflate for better support. A Crazy Creek Chair also makes a great walking splint.