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Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Bears! Dice Game

Fast-paced family dice frenzy

Perfect for families, Bears! from Fireside Games is a fast-moving dice game for two to four players, ages 7 and up. Each turn, when the bears come roaming through camp, players must choose to run, shoot or take a chance and sleep through it all.

The rules are simple, with just enough room for strategy. Players roll five dice and try to quickly pair them up with the bear and tent dice shared by all players in the middle—the “camp.” Score one point for shooting a bear and two points for running. Gamble on sleeping through the bear attack for a maximum five points—or lose two points if bears are left in camp at the end of the turn.

Whatever you do, don’t take too long to decide. The youngest, fastest players will have a definite advantage in this bear-induced frenzy. As with any dice game, Bears! is compact and waterproof and can be played on just about any flat surface. However, Bears! requires ten dice per player, which adds up in weight, slightly more than an average deck of cards.