Gear Review: Wenger EvoWood S557 Multitool

Keep the Wenger EvoWood S557 multitool handy to cut, clamp, screw or slice.


This gorgeous, walnut-handled multitool has heirloom written all over it—and it’s burly enough to last for generations. The curvy handle fits nicely in the palm and never slipped while cutting, even when my hand was damp from rain. With light pressure, the two-inch, locking, stainless-steel blade slid right through thick cordage, and it handily shaved wet bark off a branch to make dry kindling. The scissors are strong enough to cut through p-cord, but they got bogged down when I tried to cut a donut in moleskin. There’s some stuff I’ll never use (hello, corkscrew), so this isn’t the knife for ounce-counters.

Best For

Weekenders and dayhikers who don’t fuss over ounces—and prize classic styling

Tester Data

> Casey Lyons

> Duration Nov. to Feb.

> Locales/conditions UT, CO; cold, wet

> “The wrench was surprisingly useful for field-servicing my MSR WhisperLite, so I stopped worrying about losing the stove’s tiny repair tool.”