Gear Review: Brunton Helios Stormproof Lighter

Light a fire fast, even in wet, cold, and windy conditions, with this waterproof lighter.

When survival hinges on fire, chances are it’ll be really hard to make one. Read: wet, cold, windy. That’s when this fully waterproof butane lighter becomes real survival gear. The pocket blowtorch blasts a prolonged but pinpoint flame—a miracle when you’re trying to fire up tinder in wet, blustery conditions. Unlike cheaper models, it’s totally submersible. A clear window lets you gauge fuel level. Refills are simple using Brunton’s Fuel Tool ($19; .9 oz.), which lets you refill the lighter directly from any screw-top, blended-fuel stove canister. $85 (Note: We found it for $43 on Amazon); 1.7 oz.;