Could You Survive a Wilderness Blizzard? Play Our New Game and Find Out.

Test your winter survival strategies for a chance to win a free class from AIM Adventure U.

You set out this morning on a casual, early-spring dayhike. Now, you don’t know where you are, it’s snowing, and the sun is starting to set. Do you have the skills, the gear, and the luck to get home safely, or will Crusty SAR Guy Steve and Lunchbox the Cadaver Dog have to dig your frozen body out of the snow? 

Bonus: We’ve hidden two codes in the game for a free class of your choice from AIM Adventure U; find one, and you can choose from courses on outdoor survival, thru-hiking, wilderness first aid basics, and more. (Tip: Finishing the game once isn’t enough—don’t be afraid to explore.) 

Want to play the game in full screen? Click here. For the best experience, play with sound.