How to Treat a Hypothermia Victim

Master hypothermia treatment to get your partner out of a tight spot.

Treat Mild Hypothermia

Change into dry, insulating layers and do light exercises, like jumping jacks or sit-ups. Eat and drink; warm foods (such as steaming soups or hot chocolate) are better, but even cold meals and liquids will boost metabolism and add calories, raising your body temperature. Apply external heat like a hot-water-filled bottle to the chest or armpits. Insulate bare skin from direct heat.

Treat Severe Hypothermia

If the victim stops shivering due to energy loss, treat the situation as a life-or-death emergency. Handle his rigid muscles gently, and if the victim stops breathing, give rescue breaths, but don’t perform CPR. Bundle the affected person in an insulating and windproof hypothermia wrap.

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