Alternative To Bug Spray: Permethrin

Another bug-beating option.

Another non-DEET, bug-zapping option is permethrin, sold under various brand names such as Coulston's Duranon, Repel Permanone, and Sawyer Permethrin (made by Coulston and sold under the Sawyer label). This compound isn't a repellant, but a powerful insecticide that kills mosquitoes, flies, chiggers, and ticks on contact. Safe for human use, it is nonetheless recommended only for situations where insect densities are particularly high; in areas of tick infestation, permethrin offers superb protection. Don't apply this product to skin. Instead, spray permethrin onto clothing, where it bonds tightly to most fabrics and lasts through multiple washings. It's non-staining and has no odor after it dries.