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Wildlife: Where to See Bald Eagles

Look high for huge nests when trying to spot these beauties.


Canada, Mexico, and every U.S. state except Hawaii


>> Atop tall trees or telephone poles near rivers and lakes Look for their huge nests—often five feet in diameter and three to 10 feet deep—built with sticks rather than straw.


>> May and June This is when parents hang out near the aerie, caring for hatchlings.


>> Recognize a baldy by its wing profile: When eagles glide, their wings form a straight line perpendicular to the body, like a ‘T,’ not a V-shape like turkey vultures.

Top spots

Haines, AK, has one of the greatest baldy densities. See them feasting on salmon October through December. In the Mississippi valley, between Cairo, IL, and St. Paul, MN, up to 5,000 eagles winter on the river, clustering near locks and dams. Also, paddling the Delaware River pretty much guarantees baldy sightings.