Urban: Walt Disney World, FL

Hike Disney's Magic Kingdom with the family.
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It’s a small world? Umm, no. Each year, 11 million more people stroll through Disney’s Magic Kingdom than hike through Yosemite’s granite wonderland. If you find yourself face-to-face with a giant mouse or staring a one-handed pirate in the face, rely on this 1.6-mile loop to keep the family happy—and to return you safely to reality. INFO Permits $79 ($68, under age 10). disney.com. Trip data: backpacker.com/hikes/639788

1. Main Street USA

0443075E 3143497N; mile 0

Campy 20th-century buildings mark the way into the mouse hole.

2. Splash Mountain

0442751E 3143772N; mile .4

Brace yourself (and stow your camera) for a wild whitewater ride.

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

0442753E 3143832N; mile .5

Hold on. Mining cart careens past redrock and desert scrubland.

4. Cinderella Castle

0443077E 3143847N; mile 1

Take a breather and watch the fairies—better than mosquitoes!

5. Space Mountain

0443359E 3143736N; mile 1.3

Next best thing to the Milky Way on a moonless night: flying through shooting stars at the end of your Disney day.

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