Urban: Manhattan, NY

If you don't mind the crowds, hiking Manhattan is urban hiking at its finest.
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Hiking park-to-park in the Big Apple is not for solitude seekers. But what’s a little trail sharing between a few million friends? On this 7.6-mile trek, you’ll wander skyscraper canyons and ford rivers of people. (Prefer quiet trails? ) INFO No camping in parks. nyctourist.com. Trip data: backpacker.com/hikes/609467

1. The Tribeca Boardwalk

0583425E 4508426N; mile 0

Boardwalk cuts through black-eyed Susans and waist-high grass.

2. Lady Liberty

0583259E 4509606N; mile .9

Glimpse the Statue of Liberty from pier’s telescope.

3. The High Line

0583750E 4510309N; mile 1.6

This elevated railway has been transformed into a park on stilts.

4. Madison Square Park

0585415E 4510566N; mile 3.3

Refuel with a Concrete Jungle (custard, bananas, hot fudge).

5. Bow Bridge

0586771E 4514371N; mile 6.4

Cross iconic bridge to reach the Ramble’s wide-open lawns.

6. The Point

0586876E 4514279N; mile 7.4

Watch ducks ferry around lake. Grab a beer at Loeb Boathouse.

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