Peak: Mt. Whitney, CA

Check out the Mountaineer's Route of Mt. Whitney if you're looking for a challenge.
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There’s the easy way to summit the Lower 48’s highest peak, then there’s the Mountaineer’s Route. After five miles of class 3 climbing stand on top at 14,505 feet, with views of lake-filled cirques and ripsaw ridgelines. Off-season: Bring ice climbing gear and a partner.

INFO Self-register for permits (free) from December to April. For May to November, enter the lottery before February 15; the Forest Service reserves 40 percent of permits for walk-ins. (760) 873-2400; Trip data:

1. Whitney Portal

0388599E 4049772N; mile .8

Veer right off main trail and follow cairns.

2. The Ledges

0387904E 4049662N; mile 1.3

Traverse features left to right. If icy, wear crampons or turn back.

3. Iceberg Lake

0385057E 4049118N; mile 3.8

Camp here (elevation: 12,730 feet ). Get an alpine start.

4. Notch on North Ridge

0384251E 4049004N; mile 4.5

Go south on ledges and gully (direct), or west on narrow trail.

5. Summit

0384407E 4048905N; mile 5

Ridgewalk north to summit. Storm coming? Get off peak fast.

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