National Park Slideshows

See scores of stunning images from the Grand Canyon, Denali, Yosemite, and more.

Channel Islands

Senior editor Shannon Davis’s photo diary of his hiking and paddling trip to Santa Cruz Island.

Channel Islands Outtakes

View photographer Michael Darter’s outtakes from his trip to Santa Cruz island for the July Adventures story “Return of the Natives” (Photos by Michael Darter,

Denali National Park

See Denali National Park’s Alaska Range—from the ground and the sky.

Denali: Tracking Bears in Denali National Park

Writer Steve Howe and two international guests haunt the park for big bears—and they aren’t disappointed.

Grand Canyon: Royal Arch

Join photographer Elias Butler on this trek to one of the Grand Canyon’s hidden gems.

Grand Canyon: Tanner-Escalante Route

BACKPACKER editor Jon Dorn and his wife have a tradition: They’ve been celebrating New Year’s Eve in the backcountry for almost a decade. In 2009 they did a 40-mile, 5-day hike beneath the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. (Photos by Jonathan Dorn)

Grand Canyon: Inspirational Photos

Get lost in these spectacular reader photos of the Grand Canyon Warning: These photos will make you want to drop everything and visit the Grand Canyon now. Plan for a trip in October, when crowds thin out, daytime temps are still in the 80’s and the last of the motorized boats have finished their tours.

Kenai Fjords

A weekend full of clouds couldn’t hide the beauty of sea kayaking near Kenai Fjords NP.

Mt. Rainier: Tatoosh Range

In September 2005, BACKPACKER editor Jonathan Dorn joined the magazine’s Northwest sales rep Nick Freedman and his friend, Susan, for a weekend hike in the little-known Tatoosh Range before a summit attempt on Mt. Rainier. (Photos by Jonathan Dorn)

Yosemite: North Rim

Writer Kelly Bastone trekked forgotten trails to capture these Yosemite photos.