Hidden Montana Hikes

Maps, waypoints, and turn-by-turn directions for the eight hikes featured in Hidden Montana (July/August 2013).

Beaverhead Range

Heart Lake and Homer Youngs Peak

The secret: Idyllic elk meadows and an imposing summit lie just a few miles from a little-used trail.

Ajax Lake and Ajax Peak

The secret: A long dirt-road approach to the trailhead dissuades most hikers from attempting this magnificent summit, but they don’t know about the five-star car camping en route. 

Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness

Six Lakes Walkabout

The secret: To find the best of the Anaconda, head off-trail past isolated tarns, over high ridgelines, and around an iconic peak.

Mission Mountains

Turquoise Lake

The secret: Hike to the shore of a half-mile long lake for mountain vistas and gold-medal cutthroat fishing.

Sawtooth Range

Rocky Mountain and Old Baldy

The secret: Discover a wide-open view over the vast Bob Marshall Wilderness from this solitary summit.

Cabinet Mountains

Northern Cabinets Thru-Hike

The secret: Explore a new route across one of America's most beautiful-and overlooked-ranges.

Snowshoe Peak

The secret: Pick a sneak route up the region's tallest summit.

Absaroka Range

Pine Creek Lake and Black Mountain

The secret: Keep climbing when others turn back to reach the lake-filled foreground-or the top-of this steep, dark-mountain castle.