Grand Traverses: Teton Crest Trail

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Table of Contents | Pfiffner Traverse, CO | Roan Highlands, NC/TN | Sawtooth Ridge, WA | Ruby Crest, NV | Great Northern Traverse, MT | Sierra High Route, CA | Monroe Skyline, VT | Superstition Ridge, AZ | Guadalupe Ridge, NM/TX | Teton Crest Trail, WY | Greenstone Ridge, MI | Franconia Ridge, NH | Great Range, NY

Distance 36 miles

Gain 6,448 feet

Difficulty 6

Why it’s grand This five-day, 36-mile, life-list trek cuts through the heart of the Tetons, in the shadow of steep, sawtooth peaks, with killer views of the Grand.

Do it Take the Teton Village tram to 10,450 feet to get a jump, apply early to get your choice of campsites (target Death Canyon Shelf and Upper Paintbrush Canyon zones for best views), and bring an ice axe for the passes, which can hold snow well into August. Exit via Paintbrush Canyon. 

The Teton Range, at 9 million years old, is the youngest in the Rockies.

(307) 739-3343;

July to September

Required; free (reservations $25) 

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