Classic Adventures in the National Parks: Triple Divide Peak

Glacier National Park
Triple Divide Peak

Medicine Grizzly Lake nestles below four peaks worthy of bagging, including Razoredge Mountain. Photo by: Chuck Haney

When you realize how many peaks you can bag from Glacier’s criminally underappreciated Cut Bank Area, it may feel like cheating. That’s not to say it’s easy, but four résumé-worthy peaks gird the cerulean waters of Medicine Grizzly Lake in the glacier-hewn Lewis Range. With four days, you can net them all, but if you’ve got just three, set your sights on 8,020-foot Triple Divide Peak, which dumps runoff into the Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic Oceans—making it one of just a handful of hydrographic apexes on Earth.

From Cut Bank Campground, it’s 4.3 miles to basecamp at Atlantic Falls via the Pitamakan Pass Trail. From there, it’s another 2 miles to the basin below Medicine Grizzly Peak, Razoredge Mountain, Mt. James, and your objective for day two, pyramidal Triple Divide Peak. Continue about a mile to gain the pass before the mile-long push up class 3 and 4 scree to the summit, where views of toothy peaks jutting up from lush valleys and bright-blue lakes await. Return the way you came, and note that it’s just another mile northeast from the pass to 9,375-foot Mt. James.

Trailhead Cut Bank Campground Season July to September Permit $7/night per person