Bonus dayhike: Missouri's Cuivre River State Park

Hike through the limestone caves, sinkholes, and springs of Missouri's Cuivre River State Park.

Cuivre River State Park

Lincoln Hills

The rugged, forested hills cut by deep valleys and sprinkled with caves, sinkholes, and springs, make the Lincoln Hills-a limestone uplift 60 miles long-an anomaly amid the plains of northern Missouri. In spring, the wildflowers bloom; in fall, the grasses grow taller than 6 feet. Several trails crisscross the park, the longest of them the 8-mile Cuivre River and 6-mile Lone Spring Trails. Reach the park via US 61 north from I-70.

drive time: St. Louis, 1 hour

guides: Hiking Missouri, by Kevin M. Lohraff ($20). A free trail map is available at the visitor center.

contact: Cuivre River State Park, (800) 334-6946;