Where Can I Find the Warmest Winter Campsite?

Florida's Everglades National Park has a December high of almost 78°.

Q: Where can I find the warmest winter campsite?

The Answer

December high temps in Florida's Everglades National Park (77.7°F) beat out other sun-drenched destinations, like Big Bend, TX, and Joshua Tree, CA, by more than 15°F. And, according to park interpreter Maureen McGee-Ballinger, it's also the area's dry season, so the skies are mostly cloud-free. The south-facing Cape Sable backcountry beachfront campsites on the Gulf Coast are located at the southernmost point on the U.S. mainland, and get more sun than any sites in the park. The way From Flamingo Visitor Center, paddle 14 miles west to East Cape, passing East Clubhouse and Clubhouse Beach sites on the way. Get permits ($10, plus $2/person/day) and reserve sites at Flamingo. nps.gov/ever