Trail Chef: Use Spice Blends to Improve your Trail Cooking

Quick-and-easy trail food doesn’t have to be bland. Mix up some flavor-packed spice blends at home to kick your cooking to a new level of yum.

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Use Spice Blends to Improve your Trail Cooking
Ground spices go stale after about six months; buy from the bulk aisle to get only as much as you need. Photo by Andrew Bydlon

Cincinnati Chili

This Buckeye favorite has rich mole flavors without being especially hot. It’s thinner than normal chili, and usually served over hot dogs or spaghetti.

Yellow Coconut Curry

People are always impressed with this authentic-tasting Indian dish. Don’t tell ’em how easy it is.

Toasted Chipotle-Cumin Quinoa Wrap

Toasting spices is a time-honored way to guarantee an even bigger flavor burst. Bonus: Hearty quinoa is a complete protein.

Mexican Scrambled Brownie

Those instructions on the brownie box? Feel free to ignore them. This simple technique will get you a gooey, chocolatey dessert in just a few minutes.