Trail Tapas

Fun Take on a small Spanish dish.


4 pieces naan bread (or 6 thick, taco-size flour tortillas)
1 cup grapes
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 Tbsp olive oil
½ tsp oregano
8 large, pitted dates
8 whole walnuts
1 chocolate bar (try
orange- or spice-
1 clove garlic
2.5 oz. packet olives
2.8 oz. tube of sun-dried tomato paste
3 oz. chunk Parmesan cheese
1 shelf-stable chorizo
3 oz. sardines
2 0.3-oz. honey packets
At home ➞ Cut naan in half, wrap the stack in a paper towel, then seal tightly in plastic wrap. Put grapes in a snack-size zip-top bag with a moist paper towel, allowing about 1 inch of zipper seal to remain open. Combine vinegar, oregano, and olive oil in small, screw-top container. Carefully split each date down the center (like a taco), then stuff each with a walnut and a chunk of chocolate. Store stuffed dates in a plastic container.

On the trail ➞ Peel garlic and cut in half, then gently rub on each piece of bread. Pro move: Warm bread on a hot stone from your campfire. Cut into wedges. Make tapenade: Drain olive packet, then break olives up by squeezing each one inside the bag. Squeeze in about two tablespoons tomato paste. Shake vinegar mixture well; add half to the olives and stir (the rest is for dipping). On a large plate, break cheese into half-inch chunks using a fork. Slice chorizo into bite-size pieces. Arrange grapes, dates, cheese, sausage, and bread on a plate. Place drained can of sardines and tapenade packet on a plate. Assemble creatively!

Favorite combos

➔Tapenade, sardines, chorizo
➔Cheese, grape, honey
➔Chorizo, cheese, tomato paste
➔Dunk cheese in balsamic mixture before topping bread

- Serves 2 as dinner, 3-4 as an appetizer