Trail Chef: No-Burn Chocolate Fondue

A fast, simple way to make silky fondue that's easy to clean
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Camping cookbooks and websites (including this one) often give delicious, exotic recipes for making chocolate fondue in the backcountry, but they all usually involve melting the chocolate in a pot over a stove. If you've tried this, you know this is quite messy. Inevitably, some of the chocolate burns to the bottom of the pot, which then requires industrial-strength cleaners (and Hulk Hogan-strength scrubbing) to scour off. By that time, you've almost forgotten how delectable the dessert was. 

But, dear chocophiles, there is a solution. Our senior associate photo editor, Genny, introduced me to this simple technique for melting the chocolate that is fast and easy to clean (just a wipe is all it takes), but without compromising flavor. When she first described it to me, I was skeptical. It didn't seem like it would work. But then, I tried it, and I am now a convert. Watch this how-to, and then wow your friends with this sweet magic trick.

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