Trail Chef: Make a Gourmet Dinner

Yes, you have to forego boil-in-a-bag convenience. But you won't regret the effort after eating this five-star spread.

You could eat nothing but Mountain House every single night you ever camp for the rest of your life. That’d be convenient, sure, but where’s the fun? Where’s the wow factor? Even without the white linen tablecloth and crystal wine glasses, this meal brings it on both fronts, and is guaranteed to make your campmates willing — even happy! — to do the dishes. Best part: It’s not even all that hard to make. Just a little prep and a little effort and you’ll be licking the pot in no time. But don’t worry, that can be our little secret.

Appetizer: Salmon Pâté

Four ingredients and two-step prep make this appetizer as simple as it is delicious. Bone-handled spreading knife optional.

Main Dish: Red Gnocchi with Bacon

Yes, we know, we had you at bacon. But bacon is just one part of what makes this dinner complex, colorful and in every sense, gourmet.

Dessert: Tiramisu

There’s a lot of ways to end the perfect meal, but there’s only one right way. This is it. Pair with a hull of single malt scotch and prepare for your life to change.

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