Trail Chef: Gourmet Salmon Pate Appetizer

This easy-prep appetizer is frontcountry fine, but easy enough to make at your campsite.

Start your five-star meal right with this gourmet appetizer. Dill brings out the salmon's smoky flavor, while the cream cheese serves as a luscious counterpoint and holds it all together. The bagel chips top the dish off with a satisfying crunch. 2-3 servings


2 oz. dry smoked salmon
1 oz. cream cheese
¼ tsp dill
1 5.5-oz. package bagel chips (Trail Chef's flavor pick: everything)

In camp ➞ Mix salmon, dill, and cheese (set aside a bit of dill if you're feeling super fancy). Smear on chips and top with remaining dill, if desired.

Make a Gourmet Meal

Follow this appetizer with Red Gnocchi with Bacon and Tiramisu for dessert, and you'll have yourself a five-star three-course camping dinner. Click here for recipes for the full menu.