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10 Indoor DIY Projects for Backpackers

It's the perfect time to tackle one of these indoor DIY projects to set yourself up for a great hiking season.

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A simple, homemade stove can be fashioned out of a beer can. Shannon Davis

Can’t get out into the backcountry? You can still get into the hiking spirit at home. These 10 DIY projects will improve your kit and keep you busy while dreaming about the trails. 

Sew a sleeping bag liner.

Sew a DIY sleeping bag liner (illustration by Supercorn)

Upgrade your sleep system without breaking the bank with these instructions

Weave a paracord bracelet.

Pull the end string tight. Now, thread those middle loops through the left loop and again tighten the end string.

It’s like a friendship bracelet, but for survival

Make your own bear bag.

hang a bear bag

Why buy a food bag when you can create your own?

Fashion a Tyvek groundcloth.

Prolong the waterproof characteristics of your tent floor by making a simple, inexpensive groundsheet out of a common construction material called…

You’ll be grateful for this handmade tent groundcloth when summer storms strike. 

Build a workbench.

gear guide 2010 essentials workbench 445x260

Have the proper set-up for your future repairs and DIY projects. 

Put together a backcountry bar kit.

bar kit

Be prepared to turn your next overnight into a party. 

Create a perfect backcountry cutting board.

Backcountry Cutting Board

Prioritize packability and convenience with this DIY kitchen essential

Make your own alcohol stove.

alcohol stove illo 200x170

Lighten your load and save money with these instructions for a homemade stove.

Dehydrate your own trail food.


Keep busy with culinary experiments as you prep for future adventures

Make your own walking stick.


Regular trekking poles are cool, but a customized walking stick is a keepsake.