Tiny Bulldog Scares Off Bears

Twenty-pound Jules chased two bears from a California home.

A homeowner in California has a viral video on his hands after his surveillance cameras captured his 20-pound French bulldog chasing off two bears.

A series of two YouTube videos shows the bears wandering around the front of the house in Monrovia on Friday when the bulldog charges down the porch steps and chases the bears away—one even climbs over the fence in its rush to escape the dog’s wrath.

In the second video, the other bear stumbles and slides around the front porch of the house in a desperate attempt to get away.

The bulldog, Jules, was described by her owner, David Hernandez, as a “wolverine” after the encounter with the two trespassers.

Hernandez had set up the surveillance cameras outside his house after bears began damaging his property. According to Hernandez, they’ve been coming often since wildfires have impacted their food supply.

The city’s website warns that the surrounding areas are occupied by wildlife like bears, coyotes and mountain lions, and instructs residents to “never approach” them.

Obviously, Jules ignored that warning.