Tidy Seam-Sealing Tips - Backpacker

Tidy Seam-Sealing Tips

Applying seam sealer neatly is easy with the right applicator.

Tired of glopping unsightly seam sealer all over your handsome tent? Sick of slug tracks traced on your expensive rainjacket? A simple change of applicators will eliminate messy streaks and help you get the goo into those tight, tough-to-coat corners. Two options:

  • Buy a "head cement applicator" at a fly-fishing shop. This small plastic syringe with a needlelike applicator tube is used by fly-tiers to cement the tiny parts of artificial flies. The syringe has a stopper that fits the applicator tube precisely, so the cement (seam sealer in our case) won't dry out. Fill with seam sealer and apply. Clean the syringe with a proper solvent when done. Cost: about $5 per syringe.
  • Buy a small caulk applicator tippet with threads that fit your tube of seam sealer at a hardware or painting supplies store. Cut a very small opening in the tippet, and use a pin as a stopper when you're done. Clean the applicator and cap the tube if you aren't going to use the sealant for a month or more. Cost: about 25 cents.