36 Recipes to Instantly Level Up Your Camp Cooking

Leave the freeze-dried meals at home and treat yourself to a gourmet trail meal with our most popular recipes.

Look, we don't have anything against freeze-dried meals. They're easy, they're fast, and they're nutritious enough to keep you going on the trail.

But sometimes, that's not enough: Sometimes, spectacular scenery deserves a spectacular meal. From comfort food to protein-packed dishes to decadent desserts, we've collected 36 of our most popular recipes here, along with a few of our personal favorites. Master them, and you'll taste what backcountry cooking can really be like.

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Tips to Help You Become a Master Camp Chef

  • Make a spice kit: There's a good chance you're underseasoning your food. For a simple fix, pack a teaspoon or two each of garlic powder, oregano/basil mix, soy sauce, cinnamon, hot sauce, and Spike. Pack in leakproof containers, like a Nalgene travel kit or a GSI waterproof spice rack.
  • Bring the right tools: Bringing the proper utensils will help you finesse your meal. If you're cooking for a group, an ultralight spatula like the GSI Outdoors Pivot is worth the weight. A long-handled spork like the GSI Outdoors Kung Foon also does the trick.

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