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The 12 Best Jobs in the Outdoors—and How to Get Them

You spend your weekends in the wilderness. For these lucky professionals, it's a living.

Most of us play outside. But for some lucky people, it’s where they work every day. Make the great outdoors your office with these tips from park rangers, geologists, cartographers, wind turbine technicians, and more people who have made the leap.

Get This Job: Adventure Travel Leader

adventure travel leader
Menno Boermans

Because their work week is better than your vacation. Read more

Get This Job: Wilderness Guide

wilderness guide
Matt Jones/Tandem

Guides get paid to make people’s vacations. Here’s how you can join their ranks. Read more

Get This Job: Wildland Firefighter

wildland firefighter
Thomas Haney

Life on the fire line isn’t for everyone. Could it be for you? Read more

Get This Job: Arborist

Hermann Erber

Make tree climbing your career with a little on-the-job training. Read more

Get This Job: Environmental Engineer

sulfur mine
Uncle Kick-Kick/Flickr

Make a career out of cleaning up the world. Read more

Get This Job: Archaeologist


Gather clues about how ancient peoples lived, and enjoy backcountry solitude in the bargain. Read more

Get This Job: Biological Technician

arctic wolf

Love biology, but don’t have the time or money to get a PhD? No worries. Read more

Get This Job: Marine Ecologist

marine ecologist

Save the world—and get to swim on the job. Read more

Get This Job: Cartographer

Topo map

Think map-making is an obsolete skill? Think again. Read more

Get This Job: Park Ranger

park ranger
Daniel Gambino/Tandem

Want to wear the hat? Here’s how to better your chances. Read more

Get This Job: Wind Turbine Technician

best jobs
Toby Smith

Join the clean energy revolution. Read more

Get This Job: Research Geologist


Search for energy sources, or help land managers understand what’s right below their feet. Read more