Ski Strong: Ski Any Snow Conditions

Change your technique and style to manage any snow conditions.

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Ski Any Conditions | Adjust Your Poles | Descend With Control

Kick-Turn Like a Pro

>> Powder

For control in light, deep snow: Center your weight, balance evenly on both skis, keep skis shoulder width apart, and aim your upper body downhill. Initiate turns by rotating your lower body only, and lift weight off your skis after every turn to stay atop the surface.

>> Corn

Take advantage of your skis’ shape to avoid fatigue in this pellet-like snow: Roll your edges to carve controlled turns. Expect bumpy, hard morning crusts and wet afternoons. A ski tune (base grind and soft wax) will help your skis glide if afternoon corn gets grippy.

>> Heavy and wet

Snow with a high water content gains weight—and resistance. When temps rise, snow may be slushy and slick: Aim for rounded turns and expect to slide a little. When it’s thick and deep: Aggressively exaggerate leg extensions and turns to power through it.

>> Ice

Keep skis close together to reduce the likelihood of doing a split. If you have solid basic skills, you may choose to aggressively depend on your downhill edge to prevent skidding. Expect some sliding and skidding, but sharpen your edges to mitigate it. Beginners: Combine side slipping on both edges with downhill kick turns.