Recipe: Olympus Sushi Appetizer

Eating can be tasty and fun with these make-your-own sushi rolls.

Total Servings: 2

As Packaged for the Trail: 2 servings

Weight per Serving: About 4 ounces

Required Equipment on the Trail:

Cook pot


2 sheets nori seaweed

2 tablespoons tamanoi sushinoko (powdered sushi seasoning)

1 tablespoon furikake or gomasio (sesame seeds and seasoning with nori flakes)

1 (3.5-ounce) pouch boil-in-bag jasmine rice

1 (2.5-ounce) foil pouch water-packed tuna or salmon

Optional: dried tofu, dried mushrooms, soy sauce packet, salt

4 cups water, added on the trail

Preparation at Home:

1.Seal seaweed sheets flat in a gallon-size ziplock bag.

2.In a snack-size ziplock bag, combine sushi seasoning and furikake or gomasio seasoning.

3.Pack rice pouch, fish pouch, and any optional items separately.

Preparation on the Trail:

1.To prepare both servings, leave rice in its cooking pouch and boil it in 4 cups water for about 10 minutes along with optional dried tofu or dried mushrooms.

2.Drain water from pot, open rice pouch, and pour rice into pot. Cool rice by spreading it out in the pot and fanning it by hand or with the pot lid.

3.Once rice is no longer hot, sprinkle with seasoning blend. Mix well, being careful not to mash the rice.

4.Lay 1 square sheet of nori on top of the gallon-size bag placed on a flat surface, dull side of the nori sheet facing up.

5.Place half of the rice mixture onto the nori sheet and spread to cover most of the surface.

6.Dividing the tuna or salmon in half, flake some of the fish onto the rice mixture along a line near an edge of the nori.

7.Being sure to reserve plenty for the second sushi roll, also spread some of the fish and seasoning over the rice.

8.Using the plastic bag as a base, roll the bag along with the sushi into a cylinder, being sure not to wrap the plastic into the sushi roll.

9.Wet the final edge of the nori, then apply gentle pressure through the plastic bag to seal the whole roll.

10.Cut roll into slices using a very sharp, thin knife. Or eat it like a wrap sandwich. Garnish with optional soy sauce or salt.

11.Repeat steps 4 through 10 to make the second sushi roll.


If the nori sheets crumble, place all ingredients in a pot or bowl. This is called chirashi, which means “scattered sushi.”

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