Reader Recipe: Warm Apple Crescents

A yummy desert or breakfast cooked over the campfire.
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Best fire-baked recipe

“Just like Mom used to make,” says one editor of this simple, not-too-sweet pastry that’s perfect for breakfast or dinner.

Chef Alex Zic, Bronx, NY

Cooking secret “Rub a bar of soap on the outside of a pot to protect it from burning over an open fire. The soot sticks to the soap, which wipes off. Keeps troop gear looking new.”

1 tube of store-bought crescent rolls

1 can apple-pie filling

1 package crushed walnuts or almonds

Aluminum foil

At home

Empty apple-pie filling into a zip-top bag and double-bag it.

In camp

Crescent dough typically comes packaged as six attached triangles. Separate triangles two at a time so you have three crescents total. Place filling and nuts onto the crescents, and roll them up. For each, create foil pouches that cover the dough; place them in coals near the fire’s edge (not directly in flames). Flip after three minutes, bake for about three more minutes (until golden), then unwrap and enjoy. Serves 3.

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