Mother's Day Gift Guide: Snack This Veggie Medley

Grab your veggies on the go

Whether you’re on the trail or running after a kid who escaped from the playpen, moms need quick, nutritious snacks that taste good. With dried tomatoes, carrots, peas, corn, peppers, soy nuts, and sesame sticks, this Veggie Medley easily provides lightweight portable sustenance, and since they taste more like chips than a salad, it is also a crafty way to sneak some vegetables into your kids.

Our testers have taken this salad-in-a-snack up Fourteeners, on ski trips in the Cascades, and the back of jogging strollers, and enthusiastically endorse it as, “great tasting and satisfying, plus completely mess-free.” If you’re tired of jerky, gorp, and processed energy bars, try out the Veggie Medley and get a full serving of vegetables in each bag. $2; 2.5 oz.;