Mother's Day Gift Guide: Coghlan's Multi-Spice Shaker

Improve the taste of any meal

Seasonings make the difference between bland and, as Chef Emeril says, “Bam!” But even the most exotic trail dinners probably don’t call for vanilla beans or galangal, whatever that is. What you need are the basics, but more than just salt and pepper. And that’s where Coghlan’s Multi-Spice Shaker comes in.

Yes, it has salt and pepper, but adds in garlic salt, curry, cayenne, and paprika. That’s enough variety to suit most any from-scratch backcountry meal. And more than that, you can soup up prepackaged meals, too. One tester loves plain scrambled eggs, but his wife needed some more flavor. Out came the paprika, garlic salt, and a pinch of cayenne pepper, and both people were satisfied. Bam! $5; 6 oz;