Winter Survival Guide - Backpacker
Learn how to stay warm in any weather.

Winter is coming, and it’s no game. Cold can flip your script from comfort to crisis in mere moments, even on seemingly mellow day trips. To enjoy the beauty of these snowy months, every hiker should know how the body gets cold, how the right high-performance layers prevent heat loss, and how to adapt to changing conditions. 

In this guide, we’ve assembled our editors’ favorite advice for staying warm and surviving cold-weather hiking and camping. Whether you’re hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, or backpacking, study these layering techniques, gear and clothing options, and troubleshooting tips to stay safe and comfortable in the deep freeze.

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  • How Hikers Get Cold 
  • Puffy Care 101
  • Staying Warm on the Trail
  • Staying Warm in Camp
  • Surviving Extremes
  • Winter Clothing Checklist

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