How To Make Perfect Camp Pancakes

From toppings to cleanup, these four tips will enhance the perfect lazy-morning camp breakfast.

Mess-free cooking method: Add wet ingredients directly to the zip-top bag of dry ingredients. Seal bag, then mix the batter by squishing the contents with your hands. Cut off one corner of the bag and squeeze batter onto the skillet, pastry-chef style.

Pack a little extra oil for greasing the skillet and a lightweight camp spatula for flipping the pancakes (such as GSI's one-ounce Telescoping Spatula; $3,

Keep your gear clean by transferring syrup and oil to leakproof plastic containers. Or try pack-friendly toppings such as honey pouches, powdered sugar, or ghee (a form of clarified butter that doesn't need refrigeration; it's available at Indian grocery stores).

Extra batter? Make a few more pancakes and save them for lunch or a snack (top them with peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese).