How to Find North

Learn how to orient yourself for when it really counts.
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Navigation 101: Understanding Your Compass
If you don't know what triangulation is, read this article.


Survival: Off-Course With No Map or Compass
Uh-oh, you forgot to download free maps at, and now you're lost in the woods without any navigational tools. Smart! Now follow these rules to get found.


Maps: How to Orient a Map to the Surrounding Terrain
Maps are invaluable for navigating unfamiliar terrain, but without this basic step, you might just be spinning in your tracks.


Track the Sun to Find North
If you suspect you're off-track use the sun to help orient you and determine which direction is true north.


Navigate in Low Visibility
Leapfrogging, following benchmarks, and more.


Master Class: Find Yourself on a Map
The best way to avoid getting lost? Always know your location. Study up on these key techniques for identifying terrain features, translating GPS data to a map, and triangulating your position.