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Get Ready for Winter Hiking With These 7 Workouts

Want to achieve your fourth-season dreams? Lay the groundwork with these exercises.

Deep snow, heavy packs, freezing temperatures: There are a lot of reasons winter hiking is harder than hitting the trail in the summer. Prepare by upping your fitness, and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. These 7 workouts—with 144 exercises in total—will get you ready for the worst that winter can throw at you.

3 Exercises to Train for Carrying Heavy Packs


We’re all about going fast and light, but sometimes you just need more stuff. This is especially true in the winter, when pack weight for a weeklong trip can tip the scales at 50 pounds. Get the Workout

16 Exercises to Help You Train Like a Guide


Snow or shine, professional guides are on the trail. Follow their lead to build flawless fitness. Get the Workout

3 Exercises to Injury-Proof Your Joints


Whether you’re snowshoeing or skiing, winter puts plenty of extra stress on your joints. Keep them limber and injury-free with these exercises. Get the Workout

4 Leg Exercises for Your Biggest Day Ever

Thoroughly Reviewed

Loads are heavier. The going is slower. You’ll need strong legs to finish your winter hikes. Get the Workout

How to Train for Steep Hikes

steep hiking
Michael DeYoung

Skiing or mountaineering? You’ll need to have the endurance and strength to handle serious steeps in adverse conditions. Prepare with these 3 routines. Get the Workout

8 Creative Ways to Build Hiking Fitness This Winter

back squat

The colder months are a great time to mix it up by changing your workout routine and shoring up your weaknesses. Get the Tips

11 Yoga Poses You Can Do in a Tent

tent yoga
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Winter means bad weather, and sometimes, bad weather means getting trapped in your tent. Save your sanity—and your joints—with these 11 poses. Get the Workout