Gear Review: Soto Muka Stove

A white gas stove that doesn't require priming.

White gas stove

If you converted to a twist-and-light canister stove because you grew weary of priming your white-gas cooker, it might be time to convert back. The Soto Muka (above) is the first modern nonpriming white gas stove, and it’s almost as easy to fire up as a canister, with no messy, dangerous puddles of fuel to worry about.

Just pump up the pressure until the built-in gauge pops out (just like on a turkey), turn the dial to “start,” add a flame, and you’re about 4.5 minutes away from a boiling liter (on a 25°F test day). Sturdy, wide supports can handle big pots, and the Muka is reasonably compact and light. Our only gripe: tired triceps. It requires serious pumping to maintain a hot blue flame. Look for a full review in an upcoming issue. $148; 1 lb. 15 oz.;

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