Gear Review: Primus Gravity MF II Stove

This reliable camp stove runs on any gas, quick to heat and easy to use.

How reliable is this stove? While camping on a glacier in Alaska's Brooks Range, our tester burned ancient white gas he found in a bush plane hangar. How versatile is it? We also ran it on canisters, unleaded, and kerosene, proving you can cook with whatever fuel is available. The stove is a blast furnace with no simmer on liquid fuel; he scorched fresh-caught Arctic char using white gas.

However, while using butane canisters in Mexico's Sierra Norte, he was able to lightly grill a quesillo sandwich. Changing and cleaning jets is quick and simple. Just remember to flip the bottle after cooking to burn off all of the fuel in the line and depressurize the system; otherwise, the pump will dribble a bit of gas when you disconnect it. $130; 12 oz.;