Gear Review: Primus Eta Solo Stove

Complete kitchen in an easy to pack compact package

Confession: I’m a total stove wonk. I own seven different models and can recite all of their features and boil times. Needless to say, I was eager to test this one-person cooking system—it’s a complete kitchen in a compact package, which makes packing for a last-minute weekend getaway a snap (a small fuel canister fits inside the pot).

The Eta Solo includes a burner, a .9-liter pot with an integrated windscreen and heat exchanger (to boost efficiency), a thermal pot wrap with handle, a sipper lid, and a hanging kit for (careful!) indoor cooking. The average boil time for a half-liter was 2:13 (with air temps around 50°F and water at 40°F), making it faster than my Jetboil PCS while also consuming less fuel.

The flame control allowed me to simmer polenta without scorching. Bonus: You can use the burner with any pot thanks to the removable supports. Bummer: The thin rubber lid burned my lips, and the pot-to-burner connection—with two buttons uncomfortably close to the burner—was difficult to operate when the stove was hot. $100; 13.4 oz.;