Gear Review: Pre-packaged Desserts

Follow a day of hiking with one of these yummy desserts.

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Cache Lake Chocolate Pie

You can make this the fast ’n easy way (add cold water to the pie filling and sprinkle the crust on top), or the gourmet way (pan-bake the crust). Regardless, you get a creamy pie with a great cookie-crumble crunch. $4.50;

Enertia Trail Foods Coconut Quinoa Pudding

Only make this treat if you 1) love coconut and 2) desire a more subtle flavor than the full-bore sweetness of most desserts. (Answered no and no? Try Enertia’s equally yummy chocolate and peanut-butter pudding.) Filled with real coconut pieces, this oddly comforting pudding pairs perfectly with vanilla wafers or ladyfingers. $5 (1 serving);