Gear Review: Olicamp Vector + XTS Stove Combo

Never take more than you need with this compact cookstove from Liberty Mountain

[bargain cook system for two]

Compact, light, efficient. This system includes a mini burner with a small, integrated windscreen that keeps the flame alive in moderate gusts. Real-world boil times averaged 5:06 (in temps ranging from 35°F to 40°F) for one lidless liter of 49°F water.

The 1-liter hard anodized aluminum pot has smart ounce-increment markings etched into its side, a rubbery, snap-on lid with vent hole (careful, it gets hot if the pot is full), and a fused-on heat exchanger that boosts fuel efficiency by trapping and circulating heat around the base of the pot. (We achieved seven complete boils per 4-ounce fuel canister.) Stability is adequate, but we wished the burner better integrated into the heat exchanger for a more bomber stance. Testers praised the flame control, but beans stuck to the pot; BYO nonstick cookware for everything but boiling water. $50; 10.5 oz.;