Gear Review: Mammut Pulse Barryvox Transceiver

This Mammut transceiver has three antennae and an internal compass.
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This powerful beacon minimizes search time thanks to three antennae and an internal compass that pinpoints buried victims within a 50-meter range. Headed off course from one of your victims? The direction indicator alerts you. Other notable features: If multiple people are buried, the Pulse lets you mark each victim as you find them, then search for the next. If the victims are also wearing a Pulse, this beacon will detect their movements, including heartbeat and breathing, which can aid decision-making in a mass-casualty incident. And it signals loudly, then reverts to send mode after eight minutes of non-use in search mode.

(Translation: You'll be transmitting if you're caught in a secondary slide.) The two-button operation is intuitive for basic searches, but requires practice for using advanced functions; as with all beacons, do some dry runs before you hit the backcountry. $450; 11 oz. (with chest strap). Great deal alert: For an extra $30, you can upgrade to the Alugator Light package, which includes a Pulse beacon, a 240cm probe (8 oz. with case), and the Alugator Light metal shovel (1 lb. 4 oz.);