Gear Review: Grivel Air Tech Light

These lightweight crampons will keep you safe without the added weight.

Carry less without risking a fall. These aluminum crampons are about 50 percent lighter than similar steel models, yet sharp and durable enough to dig into ice. Low-profile underfoot points won’t snag when you’re striding, and dual frontpoints have a broad surface area for float and grip in soft snow. “Four braking points prevented downhill yard sales,” says one tester. They have enough play to be compatible with rockered (curved) or slightly flexible soles. Bonus: Included anti-balling plates prevent snow buildup. Heading across rock? They’re also available in steel ($10 less, but heavier). With three models, the Air Techs work with all boots, including tele. Bonus: field adjustable without tools. $165; 11 oz.; fits w’s 4.5 to m’s 13;