Gear Review: Evernew Titanium Pasta Pot

This featherweight pot is great for solo pasta lovers.


This featherweight pot is made of .3mm titanium, which is about 20 percent lighter than standard. The one-liter size is ideal for a single (big) serving of pasta. There’s no nonstick coating to baby; we scraped linguini off the bottom with a rock. We also like the rubber-coated handles, engraved measurements, pour spout, and secure strainer lid.

Pro The perfect solo pot for pasta lovers.

Cons It’s pricy, and the thin titanium can lose its shape (pack a canister inside).

Best For

Ultralight soloists and all pasta fans

Tester Data

Kristin Hostetter, Steve Roy

Duration Jan. to April

Locales/conditions VT, NH, ME, MA; winter

“I had quicker (up to 15 percent) boil times than I did using a thicker-walled titanium pot.”